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History of
The South Bay Community Concert Association

During the 1920’s the concept of providing great music to communities where none was available originated in Battle Creek, Michigan. On a shoe string budget that city devised a method to provide affordable local concerts. In the 1930’s, Columbia Artists, an artist’s management firm, created Community Concerts as a nationwide organization through which lead artists could be booked without financial risks. The new concert plan was revolutionary.

In 1960 the South Bay Community Concert Association was organized under Columbia Artists as a permanent concert association based on a nonprofit basis with volunteers serving as officers and workers. Click here for a list of the current officers. Each spring an intensive membership campaign is conducted to renew the subscriptions of current members and to solicit sufficient new members to fill SBCCA’s performance venue. Members are entitled to attend all concerts of their subscription season. Selected SBCCA guests are admitted to our concerts subject to seating availability and a nominal per concert fee.

Al Lukes was the first president of the South Bay Community Concert Association. Dr. Earl Brown and Norman Neblett were among the early presidents. The current President is Lori Logan.  Click Here for list of SBCCA Past Presidents

In 2002 Columbia Artist sold Community Concerts and the buyer subsequently dissolved the organization. Since this dissolution, the South Bay Community Concert Association has been working directly with artists and artists’ management firms to assemble each season’s program. SBCCA has realized a substantial improvement in the quality and cost of our annual programs since we became an independent organization.

The more than 60 volunteers including members of SBCCA’s Board of Directors give their time and effort to bring these fine concerts to our area. Many South Bay residents who would not otherwise be able to enjoy high quality concerts can purchase affordable annual memberships and enjoy professional live entertainment presented in our local community. Annual membership includes admittance to five or six live concerts.  Following the sell-out of membership subscriptions, a waiting list for the following season is maintained by the Association.

2018 - 2019




Logan, Lori

Vice President

Irizarry, Art

Recording Secretary

Castle, Noel


Finken, Rick

Booking Correspondent

Goodman, Jerry

Campaign Chairs

Hales, Clint & Carol

Artist Hospitality Chair

Behar, Susan

Subscription Chair

Korman, Dale

Publicity Chair

Gargaro, Bill


Beardsley, Elyse

Backstage - Editor

White, Clay


Mr. A. I. Lukes, listed as first President in 1960 -1962

Mrs. Lawrence Hewett, 1962 – 1964

Milton White, 1964 – 1966

Dr. F. C.  Westerhout , 1966 – 1970

Norman Neblett, 1970  -1971 

Dr. Earl Brown, 1971 – 1975

Dr. Robert Scholtz, 1975 – 1979

Charles Johnson, 1979 - 1983

Mrs. Laura Edwin, 1983- 1987

Ralph Breden, 1987 - 1991

Doris Lundberg, 1991 - 1995

Bob Carter, 1995 -1997

Ioleen Wittenbrook, 1997 - 2005

Dick Johnson, 2005 - 2013

Dave Knauer, 2013 - 2018